Current best practices and rationalistic perspectives in causation-based prevention, early detection and multidisciplinary treatment of breast and gastric cancer

What we provide on Gastric and Breast Cancer information

Online, science-based, update, accurate information on:

      - basic and clinical research. Emphasis on potential future clinical implications

      - current treatment strategies and trends

Secondary Research: Editorials comments, perspective articles, news and views, reviews

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Advertisement is distinguished by the word "Advertisement" and all the ads will be clearly separated from the editorial content. Any article written after the direction of a sponsor will be labelled clearly as advertorial.

We keep update both medical professionals and researchers providing ALL full text articles FREE of any charge understanding the future reality for ON-LINE free access on medical information in all interested individuals i.e., doctors, researchers and students. Patients and their relatives may also be informed about risks and benefits of standard management and of the new treatment strategies used in specialized institutions worldwide.

On one hand, simple and thoughtful information of current relevant research needed to convince medical professionals for the necessity of a change in treatment decision is provided. On the other, researchers benefit from the information on the current clinical treatment strategies and the expectations of medical professionals for research which aims to clinical implication.

From a large amount of published research, mostly timely consumed and of little value for medical professionals, we weekly evaluate, filter and finally decide to publish the results of the most relevant research articles accompanying with our comments on gastric cancer, breast cancer and Helicobacter pylori.

The Opportunity:
If you're interested in targeting researchers, physicians and medical professionals with special interest on gastric cancer and breast cancer by keywords, word phrases, domains, or banners, (GBC), we will deliver your advertising message. The network provides an unprecedented opportunity for pharmaceutical, Healthcare, and Publisher companies to advertise directly to their most important audience: researchers, physicians and medical professionals.

The Market:
There are nearly 700,000 physicians in the United States today and much more researchers and doctors around the World. According to a recent study of 10,000 physicians, 85% are online; 63% use e-mail daily. The same study indicated that doctors, while online, spend nearly 50% of their time searching for medical information. With thousands of new users entering the world of electronic information each year, researchers and doctors are among the most aggressive and loyal users of the Internet. aggressively targets the doctors who are currently online in search of fast, accurate, validate, relevant, evidence-based medical information.

What we have achieved with our Website "Gastric Cancer Network Center" ( ) confined to the topic gastric cancer, within the last 6 months after uploading:

(search words: gastric cancer)
Nr 1: Alltheweb, askjeeves, teoma. Academic, non-profit: HONcode (
Nr 2: excite, webcrawler, metacrawler,…
Top 10 ranking: Google, AOL, Yahoo, Netscape, Altavista.

Now, our earlier non-professional efforts can be translated into a professional NON-PROFIT Website supported by the University of Ioannina. So, we are able to extent the topics including Breast cancer and aiming to an often and regular renewal of the site with FREE ACCESS TO ALL FULL TEXT ARTICLES.

Scope: With both topics breast cancer and gastric cancer AND the free access, we will greatly increase the number of our active members (now > 300) to more than 5000, and visitors.

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We will discuss any relevant proposal for collaboration or partnership. For example to expand the topics of GBC-Site including other gastrointestinal cancers or even a general Cancer Website.

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